Rainbow Centre

by Anne-Marie Li Mei Lee, CHFC, CLU

Rainbow Centre

Rainbow Centre Singapore is a not-for-profit organization that serves children and young people with developmental special needs, including autism as well as physical, visual and hearing disabilities. Their programs include education for school-age youth and early intervention programs for children ages 2 months to 6 years. Additionally, Rainbow Centre Training & Consultancy provides training for special education teachers, caregivers and others working with children with special needs.

Rainbow Centre Singapore is credited with raising public awareness of the needs of persons with disabilities. Over the years, their programs have expanded in response to the needs of families of children with special needs. For families in which both parents work outside the home, programs like Rainbow Centre provide critically needed services for their children, offering a therapeutic environment to learn skills for more independent living.

The MDRT Foundation awarded a USD 3,000 grant to expand the number of children and students Rainbow Centre Singapore serves, as well as support social service professionals, parents, caregivers and volunteers trained through a training academy. This grant was recommended by MDRT member Anne-Marie Li Mei Lee, ChFC, CLU.

Anne-Marie Li Mei Lee, ChFC, CLU, a 20-year MDRT member from Singapore, endorsed a Worldwide grant for USD 3,000 to expand Rainbow Centre’s service of helping children and young adults with moderate to severe developmental needs through therapies including speech, occupational, music, and art.