Bridge Meadows

by MDRT Foundation

The MDRT Foundation awarded a USD 5,000 Worldwide grant to Bridge Meadows in support of program expansion for their innovative multi-generational housing programs. MDRT member Timothy Daniel Clairmont, CFP, MSFS, who sponsored the grant, explains, “They have established unique intergenerational communities that utilize the strengths of each generation to assist each other. Simply put, their solution is the merging of generations for the benefit of all.”

Bridge Meadows began in 2011 as a single two-acre community in North Portland, Oregon, providing communal residential programs for foster youth, adoptive families and elders. Today, they are leaders of an emerging intergenerational housing movement and have received national recognition for their pioneering work.

Their unique housing model addresses gaps in the existing social service landscape. Bridge Meadow’s housing programs provide safe and supportive community environments for children coming out of the foster care system and their adoptive families by facilitating mutually beneficial connections with their elderly neighbors. The senior members in the community, with time on their hands and the willingness to lend a hand where needed, are available for child care, cooking meals and friendships for their younger neighbors. This sense of purpose and community has enriched the lives of the elderly, and these community relationships provide stability and structure to the young families’ home lives. This is especially poignant for youth coming out of the foster care system who may have experienced turbulence and instability prior to coming to live at Bridge Meadows.