Global Grants Program

MDRT CARES: The MDRT Foundation Grants Program

Exclusive Member Benefit

As the charitable arm of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), the premier association of financial services professionals, the MDRT Foundation reflects the caring and sharing spirit of its global membership.

The MDRT Foundation has several categories of grant funding that are awarded to charitable organizations throughout the year. What all of our grant recipients have in common is an endorsement from a current member of MDRT.

How to Apply01

The application for the Global Grant Programs is completed via an online portal.

The charity representative will complete this application and the MDRT member will provide a letter of endorsement.


FY2023 Grant Applications

The application process for FY2023 will open in May 2022.


Global Grants Program

Grants are awarded to organizations or programs that are non-sectarian, responsibly managed, employ appropriate fiscal accounting procedures and are classified by their local government as a not-for-profit organization operating for charitable purposes.
Here are the main categories:

  • Animals and/or environment
  • Arts
  • Children
  • Education
  • Food insecurity
  • Health and wellness
  • Homelessness
  • Human services
  • Medical research
  • Mental health
  • Persons with disabilities
  • Seniors

Application Process

Our expectation is that the representative from the charity complete the application, not the MDRT member, as the questions require comprehensive details of the charity’s mission, programs, deliverables and financials. The member is responsible for providing the charity representative with their name, email and MDRT ID number.

For the MDRT member:

  1. Contact a representative at the charity to complete the online application process.

  2. Provide your name, email and MDRT ID number to begin the application process.

  3. Write a Letter of Recommendation and send it to the charity representative to submit with the grant application.

Your letter will be evaluated and is an important component of the application.

Recommended letter length is one page (350–500 words). Consider these questions as a guideline for content: Why do you care about this charity? What impact are they making? Why do you think the MDRT Foundation should fund this charity or project? Do you have a personal connection to the issue or charity?

For the charity representative:

  1. Log in to the grants management system and create a username, password and profile for your organization.

  2. Complete and submit the Letter of Inquiry (LOI). This is a short form of questions about your organization, the endorsing MDRT member and the project for which you’re seeking funding. This will determine your eligibility for a full application.

  3. Within two weeks, you will receive an email with instructions to log back in to the grants management system to complete an application, or be notified that you are not eligible to submit an application.

  4. Complete and submit the application. Contact your MDRT member sponsor to receive their Letter of Recommendation. The application must be completed by September 1.

Amount of grants

Award size is typically based on the scope of the program's impact.

  • Programs that impact one community or region typically receive USD 1,000–5,000
  • Programs that expand throughout a nation or multiple countries typically receive USD 5,000–25,000.
  • Annually, top grants of up to USD 50,000 will be awarded in honor of a member’s significant volunteer impact with the charity.

Notes on funding

It is highly recommended that applicants provide a specific programmatic project expense for which they seek funding. The MDRT Foundation prioritizes funding projects that address a societal need or a vulnerable population over cultural or historical nonprofits.

Funding is not guaranteed, and if awarded, the amount will likely be less than what was requested in the application. This is a competitive process with many qualified and deserving charities. The MDRT Foundation strives to support all charities; however, budget limitations prevent us from satisfying all requested amounts.

Please note: the Global Grants Program is the new name for what were previously two separate grant opportunities: Worldwide Grants and Quality of Life Grants. Its application questions reflect both programs.

Eligibility guidelines

Neither a charity nor a member of MDRT may receive a grant in two consecutive years. Application must be endorsed by a current MDRT member. The member need not be a volunteer or have a personal connection to the charity. However, each year three special grants will be awarded in honor of a member’s significant volunteer impact with a charity. The MDRT Foundation does not provide funding for any of the following:

  • Individuals
  • Private charities, foundations or donor-advised funds or organizations whose primary role is re-granting funds
  • Organizations not exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and not eligible for tax-deductible support (if based in the U.S.). If based outside the U.S., the charity must be designated by a governing body to be operating for charitable purposes.
  • Religious organizations or sectarian causes, unless the particular program benefits the community at large without regard to religious affiliation
  • Political causes, candidates, organizations or campaigns
  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of age, color, citizenship, disability, disabled veteran status, gender, race, religion, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, military service or status
  • Organizations whose primary purpose is to influence legislation.
  • Colleges, universities or schools, unless the request is for a program or activity that benefits the public at-large or an at-risk group
  • Endowments or capital campaigns
  • Fundraising events (such as dinners and walkathons) or performing arts tours
  • Athletic events, fraternal groups or similar clubs
  • General academic scholarship requests

Our Impact

Building Hope Worldwide

From youth leadership and education to medical research and community development, the MDRT Foundation’s grant programs build stronger families and communities worldwide.

Zambia, Africa

World Bicycle Relief

A Worldwide Grant was awarded to support the distribution of 217 bicycles to schools in Namwala. Mobility is critical to alleviating high concentrations of poverty, high drop-out, and illiteracy rates, with students often walking up to six miles to reach the nearest school. – William Magnusson, CLU, CFP, 19-year member


Brae Riding for the Disabled

A Worldwide Grant was awarded to help fund a vaulting program. Brae participants have a variety of disabilities many with common challenges including low confidence, self-esteem, low muscle tone, low levels of communication and patience and very little opportunity to work within a team environment. Participants who are on the autistic spectrum find it difficult to interact with others and read body language. The discipline of vaulting provides the opportunity to overcome these challenges. – Elaine Milne, DipPFS, 10 – year